The use of wicker chargers—also known as display plates—is becoming more common at formal and luxury dining establishments, including banquets, catered parties, and exclusive golf clubs. Incorporating these extra-large plates into your tabletop presentation is a great way to boost the mood and increase sales. Charger plates may be used to serve food, but their primary function is aesthetic and subtly indicate a more expensive dinner. According to Glenn Sheehan, Libbey Glass’s Foodservice Territory Manager, who represents the well-recognized World Tableware and Syracuse China brands:

Exactly How Distinctive Are Charger Plates From Regular Placemats?

Although placemats are still often used, charger plates during more formal meals are on the rise. Unlike the fabric, wicker, or plastic often used for placemats, the ceramic or metal used for charger plates is reserved for formal occasions. Sheehan said that metal is often designated for more home décor, whereas ceramic is the clear frontrunner in commercial dining. Even though they used to be more popular, glass chargers have recently gone out of use. The decline in the usage of glass chargers may be attributable to this. You won’t need as many charger plates as regular tableware since they are just used for the show. Glass charger plates are produced in large quantities, but their use doesn’t always equal that rate. Charger plates come in various shapes and sizes, the most common of which is the round variety. There is an almost infinite range of alternatives due to the wide variety of colour and design options.

Implementing A Charger Plate

Remember that charger plates are usually much more significant than everyday meal plates. Finish laying the table with a charger plate over each place setting. The purpose of the charger plate is to serve as a foundation. Dishes such as soup bowls, salad plates, and main courses are served on the charger. The charger plates should be taken away once the main course is served and the dishes put away. Charger plates may serve as serving trays for appetizers and desserts, or they can be used to hold candles and flowers to provide a romantic mood at the dinner table. With these, you may express yourself in whatever way you choose.

  • A metal charger in the color gold is used to display bottles of alcohol.
  • A metal charger with the color gold is often used to present bottles of alcohol.

Additional Common Applications Of Charger Plates

As was previously noted, charger plates are often used to enliven the atmosphere, appearing on the tables of fine restaurants as placeholders to set the tone and quietly create upmarket expectations. In any case, charger plates have a lot more useful than serving drinks.

Some such applications include:

  • The focal point of the tablescape enhancing the rest of the ensemble
  • Prevent spills and stains on your table or tablecloth
  • Bakery Assistant
  • Tray for serving
  • A foundation for elaborate feasts

What You Need To Know About Beginning A Catering Company?

Charger plates are a common sight at upscale restaurants but are also often used at weddings, parties, banquets, and other formal events. Tabletop Classics by Walco offers reasonably priced charger plates. Different sizes, colors, and designs of charger plates are available. However, when looking for a charger plate to liven up a presentation, the case pack size might be a limiting factor. Many famous manufacturers sell expensive charger plates in bulk. Providing a variety of charger plates and other tabletop staples in more minor case pack numbers and at moderate rates, Tabletop Classics aims to address this widespread problem. These chargers are a must-have for any formal dinner or wedding reception.

You can have the sophisticated appearance of formal dining without breaking the bank with their wide selection of charger plates, which come in several shapes and sizes, including plain, beaded, and squares. Moreover, they are adaptable to one’s own needs for every given event. Tabletop Classics by Walco provides not only charger plates but also traditional napkin rings to complement the upscale place setting, serving trays, candelabras, and serving needs to make your event seem more formal and impressive.


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