Cleaning is a continuous activity at home. However, the traditional way of cleaning can be sub-standard, and as a homeowner, you need to improvise ways to enhance maximum cleaning. However, the latest tech trends have made it possible to clean our homes with pressure washers. The pressure washers do excellent jobs but require extra attachments like Kink-Proof Garden hoses that exert extreme pressure to clean higher heights. When you purchase your garden hose, you expect it to last longer and get value for your money. That is why this article explores ideas on how to care for your hose to last long.

How to Ensure your Garden Hose Lasts Long.

  • The installation processes.

The care of your hose starts by installing it the right way. Ensure the required temperatures of 700F are okay when setting up the hose. When unwinding, do it circular to avoid any possible damages when attaching it to the washer. After fixing it, open the water to run through as you lay the hose flat.

Note: Avoid direct sunlight as it can damage the hose, a surface full of fungi since they can damage the hose as well.

  • Take note of the kinks.

Severe kinking is one of the causes that damage the garden hose, and when this happens, you have to replace your hose for effectiveness when cleaning. Although kinking is an issue that should happen with old hoses, sometimes it can happen to a new hose due to poor care. So, avoid kinking by avoiding excess exposure to extreme heat, sun, extreme pressure, and improper storage. Do the following to avoid kinks on your hose:

  • Coil the hose after use by following the approved technique.
  • Avoid hanging the garden hose on nails.
  • Ensure there are no leakages on the hose before using them.
  • Store the hose away from direct sunlight.
  • Improvise a proper storage mechanism for the hose.

How to store your garden hose.

Most people often assume the last part of the cleaning experience when using a garden hose with proper storage. However, how you keep your hose after using it will determine if it will last long or not. So, after using the hose, ensure you drain all the water to avoid bacterial effects building up in the horse.

Once you have drained all the water, start coiling the hose using the right approach. Now, at this point, you need to store the hose. Never hang your hose with the pressure leaning on one side. Instead, create a perfect place that is stable enough to store your hose after use.


As far as extreme cleaning at home is essential, proper care and maintenance of equipment after use is also critical. That is why this article explains ways you can consider to ensure your garden hose serves you long enough. After all, you don’t need to always visit the shop to replace damaged garden hoses due to improper care. Instead, take the considerations in place and get value for your money.


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