Every product does not require the same metal for cnc machining. The work environment and the conditions a specific product needs to face determine the material type. After selecting specific materials, you must find a custom cnc metal machining service to help you shape the product.

Please note that all services do not cater to all materials’ needs for all components. Therefore, selecting the desired material requires you to screen out the cnc machining service for various materials.

3ERP is one such service. It caters for you with 100+ materials to choose from for your product. Sounds captivating? Let’s dive right in to find out the key perks and overview of 3ERP.

Overview of 3ERP

3ERP is an online service catering to the needs of various users regarding custom cnc metal components. This service is a certified service that strictly follows three main principles. These include Excellence, Economy, and Efficiency. Indirectly, this is what assists the 3ERP in beating its competitors.

Unveiling Key Perks of 3ERP Regarding Custom CNC Metal

There are a plethora of perks it offers. Get insights on key perks down below:

Quality Assurance

Choosing the 3ERP offers incredible quality assurance. This is mainly possible because of the latest inspection equipment and experienced and skilful staff. Each part passes a series of tests, including impact assessment, corrosion test, appearance, performance, etc. All these tests collectively ensure the quality of the product you are going to harness. If a certain component does not meet the quality standard, the process repeats from the start.

Design Optimization

When getting a quote against the specific product or prototype. The 3ERP offers in-depth design analysis. This analysis helps you with design optimisation. An expert team with years of practical knowledge and field experience assesses your product. This way, you can get quotes from experts after a detailed analysis. They can cause you to change a few parameters, materials, shapes, etc. These suggestions can contribute to the product’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Choosing the 3ERP does not mean while getting a quote, your design leaks out. This ensures a high level of security and safety in your design. Apart from this, double-layer encryption of the 3ERP platform further strengthens the security. No one can hack or steal your design online. This is extremely important when choosing a service to look for this option. You cannot compromise the safety of your design. This way, you cannot patent your product and claim copyrights. 3ERP provides a complete peace of mind in this regard.

Continuous Improvement

The only thing that makes the 3ERP stand out from its competition is continuous improvement and coping with the latest technologies and advancements. This makes 3ERP achieve unachievable. With the latest technology at hand, it speeds up the prototyping process. This also makes the 3ERP a worthy choice. Please note that it is true that those services that do not cope with the updated technology affect their net ROI and market presence.


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