A motherboard is also called a mainboard, main circuit, system board, and logic board. The Mainboard is the main circuit in the computer. Mainboards are found virtually in almost all the computers on desktops and PCs.

The Mainboard is a single platform that allows all parts of the computer to interact with one another. It offers a connection between CPU, hard drive, GPU, sound system, videos, etc. Here you also need to know about the basic Mainboard that industrial sbc.

The Mainboard is the backbone or connectivity point of all computer parts. This article is going to inform you of all things you need to know about embedded mainboards. To gain more information, keep reading the article.

Basic Information about the Embedded Mainboard

Here is the information about parts, uses, advantages, design, and working of the embedded Mainboard.

1. Basic parts of the Mainboard 

The embedded Mainboard has some basic parts, including a mouse, Bios, central processing unit (CPU), COMS battery, computer memory, AGP slot, ISA slot, RAM, IDE controller, optical drive, DVD, USB(Universal serial bus), and chipset. These parts collectively made a mainboard. That Mainboard works as a connecting unit for other computer parts.

2. Uses of the Embedded Mainboard 

This is error-free in use.

  • It is less costly than other parts of the computer.
  • It uses less power than other systems of computers. So there is no need to cool the computer sometimes while using the Mainboard.
  • The system is simplified.
  • It has an attractive design.
  • The Mainboard is the backbone of the computer that ties all parts of the computer.

3. Design of Embedded Mainboard 

The embedded Mainboard is unique in design. It is designed by engineers as a system mainboard that can cope with any kind of temperature change, harsh conditions, shocks, etc. The designer must keep in mind the place and the area in which the Mainboard will have to work. This system helps your computer in the running. The engineer made their enclosure with aluminum or steel for safety purposes. As with other systems, it is also required to be provided with conducted heat.

4. Types of Mainboard 

Here are some basic types of embedded Mainboard.

  • AT embedded Mainboard
  • ATX embedded Mainboard
  • BTX embedded mainboard
  • Pico BTX embedded mainboard
  • Mini ITX embedded main board
  • XT embedded mainboard
  • Micro ATX embedded mainboard

5. Working on the Embedded Mainboard

The Mainboard is a printed circuit board. Its major function is to act as a circuit in which all other parts of the computer are plugged to give a whole effect. Embedded OS software is used to perform a task in the embedded system. This system work by turning a rugged mainboard into an industrial enclosure. With the help of associated input and output. The Mainboard is the computing element that is used to compute and combine all the pictures, audio, and video for a system to work completely.


The article consists of all the information you need to know about the embedded Mainboard. Hope this will be beneficial for you in getting any kind of knowledge related to the embedded Mainboard.


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