Many people don’t realize that there are compatible laptop batteries that can be used with their laptops. There are many different types of laptop batteries available in the market, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. Most importantly these compatible batteries are better, cheaper, and can be easily obtained than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries. So, if you have a laptop and its original battery is damaged outside the warranty period; don’t panic. Even if you don’t know anything about buying laptop batteries, we will guide you through it. First, let’s figure out if you have an Asus company laptop and if the C41N2013 is compatible with it.

Below the features of the product, Batterie Asus C41N2013 are discussed. How to determine its compatibility with your laptop. If it’s better than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) batteries. What benefits a customer can get?

Features Of C41N2013

There are some important features of C41N2013 to read through before making any decision on buying:


The first and foremost is to determine if the laptop is compatible with Asus C41N2013. Compatibility ensures that your laptop gets powered by the battery properly and ensures no fire hazard. Moreover, you can remain stress-free with a compatible battery as it won’t damage your laptop permanently.

Battery Type

C41N2013 is made of Lithium-ion and is 100% new, straight from the manufacturer, and not a refurbished battery.


It is the amount of electricity the battery will need. The voltage of this battery is 15.4 V so make sure that your laptop adapter gives almost the same kind of output.


The battery capacity determines the amount of charge a battery can hold while recharging. In this case, it’s 90 Wh.


Every C14N2013 battery from Batteries Professional has passed the factory tests and obtained the certifications of ISO9001, ISO9002, CE, UL, CUL, and ROHS. These certificates guarantee that the battery will not overheat or overcharge and certainly will not blast.

Why Batteries Professional?

Batteries Professional caters to customers globally. The Asus C41N2013 battery from this company is better than the OEM batteries of Asus. First of all, the company gives 24 months warranty period. The battery is cheaper than the OEM battery. Sometimes when buying a new OEM battery, we may receive a refurbished one. Batteries Professional guarantees a 100% new battery along with 100% percent cashback within 30 days if any issue arises. This battery has received a 4.89 rating out of 5 from other customers. It is shipped within 24 hours. The payment can be completed easily via PayPal from anywhere in the world. The company also provides 24*7 email support.


Research more if necessary. Compare the specification of the compatible battery with the OEM battery. Then make a decision. The Asus C14N2013 battery from Batteries Professional is highly recommended. It has better specs, is cheaper than OEM, and is easily available from home. The shipping would be done via FEDEX, TN, UPS, or EMS according to the country location. Has an easy payment method and comes with a warranty.


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